Going through 9 months of pregnancy, giving birth and caring for a baby often times seems to drain new moms of energy and lack of self care. With the Pampered She gift set, we can ensure that mom is not only relaxed, properly healing and refreshed but that she is able to care for her new bundle of joy as well. Giving birth is very hard on a woman's body and what better way to help bring her body back to life then to surprise her with the Pampered She gift Bag. Pampered She Postpartum Collection includes Ingredients that are chosen specifically to include all the nourishment and healing properties necessary to get back to her pre-pregnant state.


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Pampered Bottom

Pampered Bottom has ingredients specifically used to help speed up...

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Going through 9 months of pregnancy, giving birth and caring...

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Pampered She Postpartum Herbal Soak

HERBAL BATH SOAK 5.5 oz (Provides relief, helps with itching,...

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